Who Was Ben Franklin?

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This is an often funny, always engaging introduction to one of America's most fascinating founding fathers. Franklin is affectionately and respectfully depicted as a man of insatiable intellectual curiosity with a tireless creative and inventive mind who played indispensable roles in the War for Independence and the establishment of the U.S. government. Fradin's anecdotal presentation describes all of the important contributions and inventions the man gave to the world: a national postal system, the first public library, the first volunteer fire department, bifocals, the Franklin stove, the lightning rod, and his revolutionary experiments with electricity. His public service on behalf of the Continental Congress as a diplomat and representative, and his contributions to the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution also receive significant attention. The discussions of Franklin's childhood growing up as one of 17 children and his relationship with his son William who stayed loyal to England during the War for Independence add an interesting personal dimension. Readers are left with an impression of a man of almost unfathomable genius whose many astonishing contributions to American culture, politics, society, and science still profoundly affect us. O'Brien's black-and-white amusing cartoon illustrations are an effective complement to the lighthearted text. A fun, informative introductory biography that will inspire many readers to learn more about this fascinating man.

By Dennis Brindell fradin, Who HQ, John O'Brien (Illustrated by)"
Paperback: 112 pages
Ages 8 to 12